those of you that have followed me since the early days of m

those of you that have followed me since the early days of my fitness journey will see the difference mature muscle makes….

mature muscle in case you are not familiar with the body building term is about the length of time that muscle has been worked out rather than ur particular age, although I am mature lol

muscle that has been worked out for years has a different density and springback to muscle thats not….and this is why I can have months off working out and as soon as I hit some weights again my muscles pop almost straight away .. its like coiled up springs 😀

as you know arm muscles among one of the first things to go slack as we age, that’s why it’s important to use weights to strengthen them and retain muscle mass..

when I’m not flexing my arms look like normal nice toned female arms, but when I flex my lil internal HULK pops out 😆💪💥

right now is even more important to maintain your health and fitness as we ride this pandemic out, just a simple stretch band with handles can be used around your home to increase muscle and keep fit and toned

sending u all lots of love Tania xxx

T bone 😂

(🤫 ssssh its our little secret)

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