I am so excited to finally present to you one of the project

I am so excited to finally present to you one of the projects I am working on:
An extremely unique and one of a kind set made entirely of real diamonds & emeralds. Completely handmade, using the finest quality gems and stones. The full set includes the necklace, the pair of earrings and the ring. Priced at 2.5M USD. Serious inquiries only.

Want to know how a simple girl paved her way to here and now? It wasn’t easy at all… My story begins from the small neighborhood of Lod, Israel, through unsuccessful attempts, time and time again, a career of continuous ups and downs, and many “no’s” along the way. I powered through with a strong sense of belief, faith and purpose to succeed in the world and in myself.

This is more than just a campaign – It’s proving to myself and the world that a girl from a small country, who was told she couldn’t for so long, was able to get here – to be able to be photographed in one of the greatest cities in the world bringing you some of the most unique and expensive pieces out there. “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere”
– @aliciakeys

And you can too. If you seriously put your mind to something, if you have dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. There will always be obstacles along the way, some harder than others. But don’t give up, because success is closer than you think.

This journey has brought me through the Middle East, to Europe, the US and South America – and I’m still going. Follow me and share with your friends. This is only the beginning. I have an unusual story to tell!

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