This last year I’ve been stuck in a rut and become stagnant.

This last year I’ve been stuck in a rut and become stagnant. I was putting all my self-worth into being a mom and wife and was busy taking care of everyone else except myself. I was focusing on more outward issues and not really ever checking in with my inner self. I became depressed, gained weight, isolated myself, and lost touch with my inner bad ass.

To have been introduced to the Arbonne he community was life altering. Their 30 day challenge gave me back the energy I once had and has help me form amazing eating habits, glowing skin, and of course the jumpstart to losing all the weight. As a previous fitness competitor, Ive paid close attention to why I should and should not be putting into my body, and this company and program align exactly with where I once was. During so much time of uncertainty, I love knowing that I can control these aspects of life while awakening that part of me that has been hidden. I love this community of strong independent women and I truly never feel as if I am giving anything up while on this program, rather gaining so much more!! (Except the weight he he)
I’m sharing my story because I know there are so many other that have lost their way. I want people to know it’s more than possible to get back on the right path and if there’s any way that I can inspire others to do the same and to feel their best again, I’m going to pursue that. If anyone would like more information on Arbonne’s 30 day program, please reach out. I’m happy to share more of my experience and continue on this journey with others!

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