Teddy from – ReklameA true sign of doing well mentally, i

Teddy from @fashionnovacurve – Reklame

A true sign of doing well mentally, is when looking back no longer is of your interest anymore, at that point youre doing something right. When the average person starts to work on themselves, it takes everywhere from 1 to 10 years before they feel in true comfort with themselves. However, the process of building self-love becomes easier/simpler as you age, which is something I can relate to myself.

But it takes time to grow, its a long and complicated road to follow, the bumps are many, its uphill most the time, breakdowns are unavoidable, storms will arise as you go on, but the reward at the end of the road is a very special feeling that everyone is entitled to feel.

What are you waiting for? There’s no change without starting, go get it!

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