Reklame / Yay to all them natural flaws we carry with usLe

Reklame / Yay to all them natural flaws we carry with us

Let’s rewind and rephrase flaws to something like: Natural, signs of life and growth

Because the cellulite on my arms, thighs and hamstrings, the lose skin on my tummy and stretchmarks pretty much everywhere on my body, arent to be considered as flaws, because they are not.

Very unfortunately its still portrayed as such, especially in the “beauty” industry where everything has to be elite, polished and unnatural, to a degree which would make it unrealistic in real life, the word perfect is often used for the images and people you see on high fashion blogs and magazines, but shouldnt perfect be replaced with unrealistic and highly edited instead, considering that 95% of women have either cellulite or stretchmarks?

Well, wishful thinking I know, but could we all please shout it out loud, that there’s nothing wrong with having cellulite, folds, scars, stretchmarks and freckles

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Happy Monday

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