Reklame – Factual Tuesday: It’s never too late.A question

Reklame – Factual Tuesday: It’s never too late.

A question I get asked A LOT, is whether its too late to start focusing on either losing weight, building muscle or flipping your lifestyle upside down and live healthier.

Facts are, that it’s never too late, never ever too late! Small changes here and there can make dramatic changes to your health, strength and weight. Whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or above, nows definitely the time to start prioritizing your health, as we age we become weaker and are more likely to get struck by various diseases, and exercise/eating healthier can greatly reduce the chances of getting sick.

Here’s some of the evidence based facts what exercise can either reduce or enchance:
Reduce your risk of heart diseases, some cancers, risk of falls and injuries.
Improve your sleep, sexual and mental health, mood, strengthen your bones and muscles.
Help you control your weight, live longer, manage blood sugar/insulin levels, your thinking, cognitive function, learning abilities and judgment skills as you age.

Health is wealth, literally! Happy Tuesday.

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