Not often I do theseTo be honest, im not the biggest fan o

Not often I do these

To be honest, im not the biggest fan of before/after pictures, the reason for that is that most of us have been through some kind of shIt in our lives, and some unfortunate souls arent able to get over what they have dealt with, ever! Just keep in mind that we arent all the same, and we all handle things differently and might take way longer for some than others

But, as ridiculously cliche as it sounds, there is truly light of every dark tunnel, and the road to get there will be painful as fuxk. Just remember this, dont ever think that you can leave it all behind at once, dont think that things will become perfect and fabulous from one day to the other, it takes fuxking time to change your life around, a fuxking long time, just dont give up because of that, progress is what matters, not perfection

Happy soon to be Friday

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