Me vs Instagram vs me 99% of the timePicture 1: No makeup,

Me vs Instagram vs me 99% of the time

Picture 1: No makeup, no lighting, no pose, no fancy pancy tricks or unicorns.

Picture 2: Makeup, obviously light on point, posing all luscious and sucking in that belly, sprinckles of glam and stardust.

Picture 3: When hubby says pose, this is what I do, cant help myself, flawless goofy imperfection in all its glory, that’s me.

Don’t judge and definitely dont compare yourself to what other people post on social media, what you see on here is just a tiny fraction of what people are and what they stand for, something many of you should remind yourself more often – Happy Sunday

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And I said, ooh, I’m blinded by the lights. No, I can’t slee

Tacchi alti. Anzi altissimi. Perché la vita è troppo breve p