Look – ReklameWe, people, are great at postponing things,

Look @fashionnovacurve – Reklame

We, people, are great at postponing things, that’s just how the majority of people are. But there’s some very important things that never should be postponed

1. Telling people we love them – A true friend or partner shares their feelings, emotions and thoughts.
2. Apologising when we are wrong – Take responsibility for your actions and words
3. Asking for what we deserve – Never settle for less
4. Making necessary changes – Don’t stay the same, change equals growth
5. Leaning to love ourselves – Key, the fuxking key to growth and confidence
6. Setting boundaries – Again, never settle for any less than what you deserve
7. Speaking up – Don’t hold back, speak your mind
8. Spending time with mutual loving people – Postiveness, uplifting and spiritual support
9. Breaking bad habits – Stop eating that shItty junkfood, quit smoking, stop putting yourself down
10. Smile more – It’s affectious, spreads joy and positive vibes all around, stand out and be the difference in this sour world


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