Look – ReklameIt’s hard to be a woman on social media.T

Look @fashionnovacurve – Reklame

It’s hard to be a woman on social media.

Too fat. Too thin. Fat not fit. Dress accordingly, youre a mom. Take off your clothes. You’re so old. Fat ass. Pancake ass. Your kids will be ashamed of you when they grow up. You always show your boobs. You don’t show enough boobs. Stop wearing heels, you can’t be taller than your man. Don’t wear flats, you look too tiny. Better wear more makeup, you ugly without. So beautiful without makeup. Nobody likes fat women. Skinny women phew. Lose weight. Gain weight and sooo on.

Daily comments on womens social media accounts, all made by men. Go to any high ranked male instagram account, and you wont see any judgemental women trying to degrade men, facts. We, Women, are constantly shamed and judged for everything, so we might as well do whatever we want, facts.

However, I will make it clear that there is tons of supportive gentlemen out there, who can actually think before they speak up, thank you for keeping those traits alive.

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