Let this sink in -Youre always one decision away from livi

Let this sink in –

Youre always one decision away from living a different life. Maybe it’s exaggerated a bit, but the choice is yours and yours alone.

And I made that one life changing decision more than 10 years ago – After struggling in a bad relationship, as a 22 year old I grabbed my son and left my ex, I was broke, obese, depressed, had no job and nowhere to live, I had to woman up and do what was best for me and my son, and it took me years to settle and find a way to make it work.

The morale of the story: I made it, I stood up for myself and left everything except my son behind. The bad habits, weight issues, no self esteem, toxic friendships and the unhealthy lifestyle got the middle finger as time went by.

And here we are, and what a journey, lesson and change of life it has been, not regretting a thing because my kids are happy, my husband is happy and im happy.

Dreams become real.

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