Just an update on what ive said the last handful of years:

Just an update on what ive said the last handful of years:

Rapid weight loss: Companies, supplements and people promising you fast weight loss, are still misleading and lying to you. Even thyroid medication doesnt promote rapid weight loss if abused.

Detox/juice cleanse: Exactly what “toxins” is it you are trying to get rid of? Our organs have functions and guess what they are: They still “clean” our bodies and they are a million times better at it than any supplement will ever be.

Waist trainers: I still see influencers promote these, and what a fuxcking disaster that is.

Fat burners: Find Whitney Houston song: I have nothing on YouTube, and sing out loud: What do fat burners do, just before she sings ‘NOTHING’, ‘NOTHIIING’.

Fat “burning” diets: When calories are equated, there’s still no such thing as a specific diet that burns more fat than other diets do over time.

Guys, it’s a bs poluted world out there, nothing beats lifting heavy weights, eating healthy most of the time and move our bodies some more, science has proven that more times than it really needs to, because it’s pretty much common sense isnt it?

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