Indeholder reklame – Honest talkFrom me to me: Beautiful i

Indeholder reklame – Honest talk

From me to me: Beautiful inside you, you were never the problem, the world we are surrounded by, society and the distorted body images on social media, was, and still is the problem.

Any girl, woman, lady or gentleman for that matter out there, dont consider yourself being worth any less because you dont “fit” into societys aspect of being whats considered normal sized.

Fuxk normal, fuxk fake ideals and fuxk everyone trying to tell you that you dont fit in, that you are too tall, too small, too skinny or too fat, big, round, square, too pale, tanned or dark, too weak, tiny or too big, all that shit doesnt matter, what matters is that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and that will never happen unless you get rid of trying to look how society tells you to look.

Do you, be you, you are the original you, and an original will always be better than any copy!

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Italian Intensifies *Italian Intensifies* ...

*Italian Intensifies* …

That was my snap from last night Editing today Happy That was my snap from last night! Editing today! Happy to be

That was my snap from last night! Editing today! Happy to be