In all seriousness, let’s do thisDry scooping is so yester

In all seriousness, let’s do this

Dry scooping is so yesterday, this is how I do my supplements! Jokes aside, here’s how and why I use the supplements I do.

Creatine: Very simple, it’s shown to improve strength and increase lean muscle mass. 5-6gr every day.

Whey protein: I have 50gr every morning either as a shake mixed with 200ml of oat milk, or mixed into my oatmeal. It’s an easy, tasty and convenient way to get in the required protein a day to build muscle and improve on recovery.

Pre workout: Some prefer coffee or an energy drink, I do however fancy the energy surge, increased endurance and the increased focus I get from a pre workout supplement. 45 mins before training.

Fish oil/Omega 3’s: Anti inflamatory, mood enchancer, improve numerous heart disease risk factors. 6gr every day.

Retinol/collagen: Retinol (vitamin A) and collagen protein have been shown to improve on skin hydration, elasticity, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. 5gr of Retinol and 20gr of collagen every day.

Note: Supplements are just that, supplements! They arent essentiel, which is an important point to keep in mind. A balanced protein and nutrient rich diet is by far superior to any supplements.

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