Getting there took me 7 yearsTo find a solid relationship

Getting there took me 7 years

To find a solid relationship with myself,
I feel I can achieve anything I set my mind to. ive changed, literally, I stress less, sleep better, wake up better, feel more energetic, I see that I radiate, I glow, basicly ive become a fuxking smoke show.

Arrogant, egocentric, self absorbed or self centered? Nope, just fuxking proud of who ive become! And you know what, if you have grown mentally, become stronger, wiser, more badass, done something new and way out of your comfort zone, taken a stand for yourself, spoke up on your own behalf, said no instead of saying yes just to please someone else, eaten that cake without feeling guilty or just made a tiny bit of progress in whatever, you should be proud as well, do you.

Happy weeknd

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