Factual TuesdayWomen and muscle building – We the ladies,

Factual Tuesday

Women and muscle building – We the ladies, dont actually become bulky hairy beasts because of lifting weights.

Here’s an example: for a man It takes years of eating right, lifting heavy weights and great genetics, to achieve a big muscular and lean looking physique. To put things into perspective, a woman produces around 4 times less testosterone (the hormone responsible for muscle growth) than men with a normal production of testosterone. So in theory it takes around four times longer for women to build a ‘big and bulky’ physique, than it takes men. On top of that, dedication, intensity, genetics, lifestyle, food intake etc has to be taken into consideration as well.

So nope, it wont happen naturally, and the very lean yet very muscular females you see on social media, arent natural at all, that takes something more to accomplish than what regular food intake, hard work, years of training and natural genetics can achieve.

That’s facts

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