Factual Tuesday: Energy drinks, are they safe?In moderatio

Factual Tuesday: Energy drinks, are they safe?

In moderation, yes, that’s the short answer. If they werent, just imagine the millions of lawsuits Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar aso would have to go through!

However, when over consuming (+200-400mg a day) caffeine, there’s always a risk of accelerated heart rate, headache, physical, discomfort, trouble sleeping, jitters, anxiety aso. The tolerance for caffeine actually builds up the more you consume, so you might need more and more the more you drink.

On the other hand, caffeine can be very beneficial. It improves endurance, energy levels, it’s almost calorie free, can help with fat loss, reduces diabetes risk, reduce muscle soreness, protects your liver, reduces chances of prostata cancer aso.

Just keep in mind, if you consume the sugar holding energy drinks, one 500ml can often holds more than 200 calories, that’s a lot, and is a fast way to gain weight if you consume too many.

Bonus info:
1. A cup of coffee approx holds 40mg caffeine, an energy drink approx 150mg caffeine.
2. Black tea has around 20mg of caffeine a cup, green tea 10mg.
3. Pepsi or a Coke holds around 40-50mg of caffeine every 500ml.

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