Factual Tuesday: BloatingBloating (distended stomach) is a

Factual Tuesday: Bloating

Bloating (distended stomach) is a normal occuring thing! I have now seen multiple “health coaches” saying it isnt, and its because your health is suffering from an unlimited amount of made up theories.

Bloating happens when the GI tract becomes filled with air or gas. This can be caused by something as simple as the food you eat or drink, some foods produce more gas than others, especially cabbage, caffeine, broccoli, beans, lentils etc. Other simple reasons for bloating are having your period, food intolerances, hormones, stress, overeating, inactivity, lack of sleep etc. Obviously there’s a ton of reasons to why our midsection expands during the day, and its so perfectly normal that it does so, please dont get caught up in the “youre broken and needs to be fixed with my help” misleading online health coach bs.

Happy factual Tuesday

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