Before you compare yourself to someone else, ask yourself th

Before you compare yourself to someone else, ask yourself this:

Do you really want to look or be that one person? And why? Because you dont see the mistakes, struggles, sacrifices, daily grind, learned lessons, planning, habit development, and the time it took to actually get there.

While its perfectly fine to be inspired and seeking advice from others, striving to be someone else is very toxic and can be hurtful to you, because you will loose yourself in the process, you will inevitably fail in trying to be someone else.

So here’s my advice:
1. Put yourself first, work with what you have.
2. Deal with your insecurities first, they are often the reason you hold back on self growth.
3. That shitty comfort zone you love so much, challenge it one tiny step at the time, believe me when I say you are way stronger than you think you are.
4. Initiative, get fuxking going, nothing will come to those who sits around waiting for things to happen.
5. Patience is needed when wanting to change, it will take time, effort, consistency, perseverance, more time, staying on course and embracing the bruises you’ll get along the way.

Believe in yourself!

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