Recently I uploaded new video on my YouTube channel and one

Recently I uploaded new video on my YouTube channel and one man left a comment telling me that I can’t call myself a creator because I just show my body on pictures and he says that this requires zero efforts and my work is not a work actually. So here you can see a picture of me trying hard to find some kind of logic in his comment. I even have a lamp that (I hope) will help me🧐
And now I want to ask you to write your honest opinion: do you think that Instagram models which run few social media, create content for different platforms put zero efforts in this and it can’t be considered as work?
If your answer is yes, I’ll tell you something that probably you never thought of before.
Girls which work on different platforms can earn pretty decent money. At the same moment not all of girls become super rich, because it requires tons of time and efforts to become financially successful in this area. And the models I am acquainted with (including myself) usually work many hours a day without days off to get that success. It may look very easy from the perspective of a person who sees only one side. You look at beautiful pictures and girls look like they do everything at ease. But you probably don’t know that such a work requires a lot of time, efforts, strong will and skills and it is very stressful even despite the fact that this is really amazing job.

The problem is that people tend to devalue your work when they don’t see the whole process and don’t think about that amount of difficulties that you face with.
I live in small town in very poor country. Our economy is very weak, our state treasury is empty and my country has a lot of debts. At the same time there are such people like me paying biggest tax rate because I have decent income. I have financial opportunity to do local charity, I have opportunity every month to help financially to few old people that are friends of my granny, because it’s not possible for older generation even to pay bills on that retirement money. I can help exactly because I WORK HARD and get paid very well.
So this IS a work, because you get paid and you DO work as a horse to get paid well.
Love you all🥰

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