I came to Los Angeles straight outta high school. My parents

I came to Los Angeles straight outta high school. My parents didn’t allow it. They said hell no 😂… I was a stubborn, wild and I don’t care kinda teen to say the least lol. I had 1k in my bank account saved, packed my bags and took off driving from Colorado to Cali. I got accepted into fashion school downtown LA, just a couple blocks from this picture. I had no job, nothing planned, just winged it literally. I found a tiny studio in Glendale to live in and there I started my Hollywood journey. I had the “Hollywood” lifestyle like the movies all in my head. But REALITY check hit hard, real fast, let me tell you what. Being a naive Colorado girl, living in the city alone… I trusted everyone in Colorado, quickly I learned I couldn’t trust like that anymore. I lived a hard life here in LA, seen a lot of scary things, been in horrible situations, taken advantage of and much much more… but I made it. I learned, I grew, I learned self love and can handle any damn thing life throws at me now. Because of my challenged experiences, when cancer came 2018 I was like, this is a piece of damn Cake! I got this. And I did.

Life will be hard. Life will feel like torture some days. Some days you might even question your life entirely or decisions you made…
Just remember, all of it makes you STRONGER! Mentally you are so damn tough, no bad circumstances will ruin you. Only make you better. Push through each one. You got this. 💪🏼

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Have you ever been to Fuerteventura? ••• ••••

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