THIS IS NOT THE WAYWhich do you like better!I made a full

✨✨Which do you like better!✨✨
I made a full bikini set to match the full Mando cosplay and BITCH I’M PROUD hahahah!
We woke up at 4:30am to catch this sunrise the morning after the full Mandalorian shoot out on the Salt Flats in Death Valley! There were only 3 other people out there around this time of day!
We walked about a mile onto the flats to get away from the edges and stood amongst 200square miles of natural salt!
Once the sun peaked over those mountains, BOOM IT WAS SO WARM! It was so quiet, so calm and so worth doing again!! I really hope you guys like these photos coming! I have really been trying hard to bring you really unique on location shoots and HECK I HOPE YOU LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS I DO!! Photo edit : @beethyphotography
Bikini and belt and accessories made by me!
Riffle+blaster : 3d printed by @habiteer_workshop painted and finish by me!
Helmet: JANGO helmet base with heavy mods and painting by me!

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