Time to get real. Everyone has been asking what have I been

Time to get real. Everyone has been asking what have I been doing? My life has slowed down since IG removed my old account jemwolfie and now I rarely post on social media anymore. I’ve taken many steps back from all platforms to just focus on REAL life.. I’ve been spending time with family, friends , my dogs , staying healthy & my main goal every day is making sure I am as happy as I can possibly be so everyone can have the best version of me. The new me that doesn’t care about capturing every moment for others to see – rather, actually living in the moment for me. And yes I am still working but I’m not as busy & there is no pressure or stress anymore. Who knows I Might find a new project in the future but for now im chilling . I always wanted to retire young and thankfully I can & maybe losing my Instagram forced me to slow down and just enjoy life with those closest to me 😌😋. Oh and by the way this account is my only account, it will be my personal account as well as business page. And I may have lost all my clout but im still Jem. I still post on onlyfans so you can click the link in my bio to see more of me 😍

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