Best day ever! Humpback Whale season in Hawaii is one of the mos…

Best day ever! Humpback Whale season in Hawaii is one of the most EPIC times to experience the splendor of nature and I’m so happy i had the opportunity to be there! Seeing whales by the dozens was something truly magical! Hawaii is the winter home of Humpback whales, and where females come to give birth. During my day of Whale watching I was so incredibly fortunate to have 3 whales swim right up to my boat and hangout; a mom with her calf and escort whale. To see them so close was a major blessing, because in these waters, thankfully whales are highly protected, and by federal law boats have to stay 100 yards away from Humpbacks. However, if whales choose to swim to you, well consider yourself very lucky!! Humpback whale numbers were severely reduced before the 1985 ban on commercial whaling, but the numbers in many populations have since improved. Today, Humpback whales are still on the endangered species list, and the biggest threat to them are collisions with ships and entanglement in fishing gear.
You might ask…what can I do to help Whales? Well, in my opinion eco-tourism is key to saving any species of wildlife, because money talks! The more revenue eco-tourism generates for a state or country the more protections are put into place to ensure its sustainability. So, in short go visit the whales and buy a tshirt, a hat or coffee mug!
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Photo by Scott Schisler
Wetsuit by @billabong

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