There is absolutely nothing in the world like the love of a

There is absolutely nothing in the world like the love of a dog 🐶❤️

Many of you know my dog, Todd. We rescued him 8 years ago on March 1… 4 years later, Todd was diagnosed with congestive heart failure & was given 6 months to live. (Todd showed them!) He’s on 16 pills a day & is probably the happiest pup you’d ever meet. He’s so special & unique in every way. Yesterday, Todd was struggling to breathe & I took him to the emergency vet at 6AM. They diagnosed Todd with pulmonary hypertension & currently have him in an ICU oxygen incubator. We are trying a new medication, which is supposed to help this & waiting for it to kick in where he can be out of the oxygen cage for long periods of time without his respiratory rate becoming stressful. Today, I was given 5 minutes to see my baby boy & let him know how much I love him. I also let him know to keep fighting the Todd fight. I’m aware we are already on blessed & borrowed time with him, but I honestly cannot sleep without him. I cannot imagine a life where Todd doesn’t exist. He has saved me in more ways than I could ever thank him for. Please pray for my little dude to come home strong & healthy soon. Staying hopeful that these meds help regulate him & I’ll be back to showing off how damn cute and precious he is. 🙏🏼🥺

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