That concludes an amazing few days of a getaway with Dad Th

That concludes an amazing few days of a getaway with Dad ❤️ This past year has been incredibly challenging. As many of you know, Dad was diagnosed with stage 4, prostate cancer at the age of 54, 15 months ago. Last year he underwent 6 rounds of chemo & hormone therapy & it worked really wonderfully. But last month, his PSA spiked 10X in a month & called for a new course of treatment. Tomorrow he meets with a new oncologist who specializes in stage 4, metastatic, prostate cancer & we are hoping his blood work shows that the new meds are working 🙏🏼 I struggle a lot with this because there’s literally nothing I can do to make this go away but I’m just trying to enjoy every moment we have together. It’s important to make new memories with the ones you love AT ALL TIMES, don’t just wait for something heartbreaking to happen to convince yourself to make the time.. DO-IT-NOW 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Trust me, I don’t regret a single moment I’ve taken out of my insane, busy, life, to hug or kiss him or see him laugh or yell at him to put his hands up on an insane rollercoaster. Send all the good vibes my Dad’s way for his appointment tomorrow & if you still have your dad, call them & let them know you love them ❤️🥰

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