It is with every piece of my broken heart that I share that

It is with every piece of my broken heart that I share that our little baby, Todd gained his Angel wings & ran across the Rainbow Bridge this morning while in the comfort of his own home on mommy’s chest 🤍 Todd touched everyone’s life that he came in contact with & saved me from myself numerous times. He gave me the motivation to get up in the moments I felt like I couldn’t. His presence is already so missed & I wonder how I’ll ever make it through the day without wishing I could’ve helped him live forever. I trust that my Nanna greeted him with open arms and is currently talking about how soft his ears are. Rescuing Todd 8 years ago changed my life forever & I’ll never be able to thank him enough for that. He was with me through all my big moments & had my back during the low ones too. How could such a little body have so much love to give, I’ll never know. But I will miss it & I will never ever ever forget Todd. I’ll never love anything or anyone as much as that little man. He forever has my heart. Rest peacefully sweet boy. I miss you. Please visit me in my dreams 💔🥺😭

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