The greatest lesson the pandemic taught us is to appreciate

The greatest lesson the pandemic taught us is to appreciate the time we dedicate to our loved ones and ourselves…

What a crazy adventure all of us had experienced throughout the year of 2020! The whole of the world’s population involuntary took part in the major historic event – the pandemic. All of us surely has been through a lot – starting from lockdowns and not being able to see our friends and relatives as much as we used to, and finishing with travel restrictions. Ugh…I miss traveling abroad so much!

Nowadays, it starts to seem crazy how back in the pre-COVID times, we were able to hang out with our friends, going to fancy restaurants and traveling to beachy destinations whenever we wanted to! But, although the pandemic was a horrible event to happen to any generation of people on Earth, I started think to myself: “Is there anything positive we can take out of it as a lesson for us?”.

Our lives have certainly slowed down and made all people to become more present in the moment. Thanks to quarantine and travel restrictions, people started to live a more settled life, which turned out to be pretty good too. Some of us started to spend more time together with our loved ones, whilst others began to dedicate time to yourself.

I think, before 2020, we lived with an idea of multi-tasking and trying to be everything at once. We tried to have as many friends as possible, tried to visit more countries and do more work. However, whilst we were on this crazy race to success and adventure, we rarely could take a step back and reflect on our lives.

The pandemic turned out to be the required step back, the moment of self-reflection. Being stuck at home, either by ourselves or with our loved ones showed us the importance of appreciation. We need to appreciate and be thankful to people around us and the present life that we are living on this planet, because you can never know when it might irreversibly change! 🐰

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Io secondo giorno in casa e già mi sembra un’eternità….voi