My Followers often ask me why I am not married. Today I wan

My Followers often ask me why I am not married. Today I want to answer this question and discuss a little on this topic.

In the past few years, many of my childhood friends and classmates have gotten married and it certainly made me think about my life.

And I asked myself what was wrong with me? And looking back at the early marriages of my girlfriends, I realized that everything is fine with me, I just don’t agree to compromises. Would I agree to marry any of their husbands, or at least go on a date? Of course not.

Recently, one of my friends whom I know from early childhood married a guy with whom she did not want to continue dating 5 years ago because she did not really like him. Another one married a few years ago to a abuser guy with whose best friend she also slept. Etc. As you can imagine, this is not about a great unearthly love. Why are they doing that? Easy. Because their relatives put pressure on them, because society expects this from them, because it seems like it’s time.

Coming back to me, I am not against a serious relationship and even for, but I do not want to date with someone, and even more so to get married, simply because others are getting married or because this is what society expects from me. I want to be in a relationship with someone who really suits me. With whom we mutually love each other. With whom we have common goals and ambitions. It doesn’t have to be a millionaire or a celebrity, but what necessary that he strives for more and we would be a good team. Love, healthy partnership and toxic relationships sex ♥️ Is a key for me.

What I want to say in conclusion is that I wish everyone to learn to listen to themselves and do what you really love and what makes you happy. Don’t settle for less. Being a woman and a person is not only about having a child and becoming a wife. Life is much bigger and more interesting. Travel, develop, explore the world, earn money! And when you meet someone who really suits you, go ahead!

Ps sorry for long read.

Ps2 hope my friends will not read that 😅

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