In our world there is a place where it is harder to get out

In our world there is a place where it is harder to get out than from Shawshank. It is surprising that some people only heard about this place, while others get there again and again. This place is a friendzone.

Most often fall into this bad place exactly a guys . Girls, because of the special perception of the world, are most often attracted to bad guys. And the good guys are left with a trough, like in a Russian fairytale.
The typical mistake of the “good boys” leading them straight into the friendzone is to wait for some permission from the woman for her next step. It is not right.

But it also happens: after a few years, a girl, fed up with a bad attitude, finally draws attention to a good guy.

AND… Becomes the happiest girl in the world.

And the reverse situation is this: the guys prefer nowadays “friendship with benefits”, which do not even pull on the concept of “relationship.” The girls, agreeing to this, hope to break the ice in the heart of this guy, showing their love and tenderness. But when it does not come out, the girl remains with a broken heart.

In the end I would like to say: friendship is, of course, good, but let’s try to make the world a better; will not use the feelings and emotions of other people, because the boomerang rule has not yet been canceled😅

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