I am a free spirit in heart and always will be! ⠀Recently

I am a free spirit in heart and always will be! 🍃🍃🍃

Recently I have been thinking about how important freedom is to me. I need to be a free artist in all spheres of my life, whether it’s relationships, work or life in general. Do not get me wrong; I am a very responsible and committed person. I am never late to my photoshoots and would never let down people that work together with me. But I want to be the one making decisions. People that collaborate with me, such as photographers, can express their opinions and freely share ideas, but I can never be forced into doing something. We can work out a shoot theme together, exchange cool references to create an ideal image. But my inspiration comes when I feel the ease of a work process.

The same applies to my relationships with men. Once I am in a committed relationship, I stay faithful and loyal to the man I love. However, there still needs to be a feeling of lightness and liberty. If we are talking about relationships, I want to be the one who wants to wake up and make breakfast or arrange special, romantic dates for my lover. But when he tries to oppress me and forces me to do things, it becomes like a chore, and I quickly get uninterested.

The opposite happens when my lover allows me to be my true self and show who I really am. This is when I start to flourish and shower my boyfriend with my kind attitude, love and passion.

In my opinion, freedom is essential in all relationships. You can only feel it when you and your partner trust each other completely. And it’s an excellent way to test the quality of your relationship too. Start trusting and aspiring each other instead of being jealous or oppressing, and you will see how the relationship evolves. My life motto is “Give them liberty and see how what they will do with it”. Would love to hear your opinion in comments! ❤️❤️❤️

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