Finally, women are free to choose how they want to look!⠀I

💕Finally, women are free to choose how they want to look!💕

I have recently noticed how many industries are changing their attitudes towards women’s bodies, and I think it’s a positive trend for all of us. These days, it is common to see advertising with ladies of different shapes and sizes, which make it more acceptable to be natural and kind to your body. Remember how just a decade ago, everyone was so obsessed with unhealthy thinness and women that resemble girls in puberty? This trend was surely unsustainable for all females. In the fight for a perfect figure, women used to do more harm to their bodies than good.

Back in the days, fashion made me feel insecure about my natural curves. I always felt I wasn’t good enough and could not accept the fact that my body would never be as slim as these magazine covers’ models. I was torturing my body with harsh diets and daily workouts and still could not reach the standard. Then, I accepted myself how I am and became less stressed about the fact that my figure does not fit in the standards that some random fashion experts made up. Now it seems like everyone around started to follow the same approach, which, in my opinion, is the ultimate strategy to look the best.

It is way more important to love yourself, accept that no one is perfect, and that’s what makes us beautiful. Having a healthy body and mind is way more attractive than starving yourself and trying to look like someone else. When you work out and have a well-balanced nutrition, your body will follow through and take the best shape that suits you. What I personally learned is that a healthy mind is way more important than the looks. Because who cares if you have a body of a supermodel if you are unhappy?

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