Before you can love someone else, make sure to love yourself

💓💓💓Before you can love someone else, make sure to love yourself first! 💓💓💓

This time I want to talk about personal boundaries and how it is important to establish some ground rules in relationships. It does not matter what kind of relationships we are talking about, whether its work, friendship or romantic relationships. Letting those around you know and understand how you want them to treat you is vital and it’s called “healthy boundaries”.

Over the years, I learned to express what I expect from a person and realized that saying ‘no’ to things I don’t want to do is normal. I no longer force myself to do things I don’t want to. If a friend asks me to hand out with them, when I have some important stuff to do, I’d say no. Not because I am a selfish person, but rather because I have my own priorities and my friends need to understand and respect that. When I am finished with my tasks, I would gladly join them.

I started using similar approach in my career too, and it brought me so much peace and attracted success in work. If I get asked by a photographer to do a shoot that does not fit with my understanding of aesthetic or they want to expose my body too much, I would stand my ground and decline. People pleasing is not on my to do list and will certainly not take me to my life goals. I know what I want in life and if someone cannot respect it, I walk away from that person and do not feel guilty of it.

I greatly respect others and want people to have the same attitude towards me. Bending for others in order to gain their sympathy is unhealthy. We all need to work out our healthy boundaries and protect them, otherwise everyone is going to be taking advantage of you. That is why respect is a lot more important than sympathy or attraction. I can’t be in a relationship where my boundaries are not respected in the first place and wish others to do the same!

How are you usually acting when you feel someone is violating your boundaries? Is it hard for you to say no?

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