As a very enduring person, I rarely show others how I feel,

As a very enduring person, I rarely show others how I feel, even when I get upset or angry. I cut off all the ties when I am done! ☠️

On the majority of my days, I remain kind and compassionate with the people around me. I love helping others and often sympathise towards those in need, whether it’s my loved ones, people that I know or animals. It is very difficult to tick me off, as I stay patient and retain emotions to myself. There are not so many people who have ever seen me go off. My attitude remains tranquil most of the times, but when I am done with a person – its once and forever. I can tolerate for a long time before making the decision to cut off ties. It applies to all aspects of my life, whether its people who work for me or other people in my life. When I feel I can’t stand it anymore, I close the door and leave.

When it comes to relationships and love, I prefer men who, just like me, can control their emotions. Being with someone who is terrible at handling their anger is a big no for me. It can even become the reason I decide to break up. As a grown-up woman, I want to see an emotionally strong and mature man by my side, especially when I am so reserved in revealing how I feel at all times. It is very appealing to me to see my partner being strong and confident, especially when handling stress and difficult situations. I aspire to be with a person who is solid and secure in all aspects of his personality, especially his temper.

The only time when I let my emotions out is when it comes to love, chemistry and pleasures. When I am in a relationship, I may, from time to time, express my emotions is a very passionate way. It really spices up our love lives and makes sex life better. If you have ever experienced make-up sex after a hot argument, you know what I am talking about! 😈

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